Through Grappling Development platform, we offer guidance on taking responsibility for yourself on your grappling journey.

Responsibility on – How to manage yourself. How to build your daily practice. How to create framework for your technical progression. How to reinvent yourself in time of crisis.


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Framework For Technical Grappling Development

Going beyond traditional “step by step” technical instructions by creating the training methodology consisting of specifically designed goal-oriented grappling assignments and setups to expose grapplers shortcomings in their technical skills & motor control – forming a strategy for eliminating inefficient and unstable movement patterns. Through this work, we will guide your motor control development to seek flexibly applicable techniques / movement principles, efficient under a wide range of different environmental influences and withstanding a variety of environmental perturbations, and thus creating a fertile ground for technical progress in grappling.

Open Connection Mapping

Adapted grappling / contact work with an emphasis on the understanding of the biomechanics and mobility of your joints in relation to your whole structure in a dynamic environment. Learning about weight distribution, pressure, weight shifting, leverage, positioning, and their application both for submission holds and rehabilitation scenarios.

Internal Restructuring Work

Internal restructuring work serves as an error-checking mechanism, providing a day to day check up on your physical condition. This practice will help you to monitor the health status of your joints, level of tiredness and your biomechanical soundness. In the long run, reworking the biomechanical pathways will develop connectivity, robustness and perceptivity of your system. We will help you to understand how to utilize these “sequences” before and after your grappling sessions and bouts, to prepare and restore your body.


Cognitive & Affective Flexibility

In this section, we explore the effect of various psycho-physical stressors on the physical performance in grappling. First, with the focus on sports psychology and mental aspects in the competitive grappling. Secondly, we put emphasis on the “real conditions practice”, where we focus on the sensorimotor factors and cognitive load in grappling – inseparable parts of the technical execution in the competition settings. Improving the capacity to see – analyze – make a decision – take action and making movement patterns robust, staying unaffected by external and internal distress, especially in moments of disturbance, public exposure, and competition.