Our Mission

The Grappling Development project was born out of the collaboration of Jan Stach and Martin Bosy, with the intention of equipping grapplers with the knowledge on how to create a supportive practice that would help them face the physical and mental challenges of submission grappling. We strongly believe that grapplers should invest in their training as much time as possible into specific grappling work.

The question is - Are they physically and mentally ready at 100% each time when they step on the mats? …And can they do it consistently?
More than often, the answer is - no.

We see athletes being limited in their grappling training by constantly dealing with acute and chronic injuries, being overtrained and mentally burden by everyday grind… Unable to reinvent themselves when they hit the plateau and stagnation on their path. Usually perceiving pain and traumas as a normal part of their daily practice, reasoning that everybody is dealing with them as well.

Our goal is to maximize the time on the mats, working on what we love the most - grappling and perfecting our fighting skills. In a support of this quest, through Grappling Development we expose athletes to the tools that are hard to find inside of the grappling training. Internal recovery practices that can balance out the external hardships of specific grappling work, problem-solving movement tasks that set up the mirror for athletes to see where they have deficiencies and where lies the potential that can be further developed, to bring their game to the next level.

To make grapplers familiar with principles and qualities rather than strict forms and techniques. To help grapplers to organize better their time and energy, so they come to practice healthy and well attuned - day in, day out.


Jan Stach

Jan Stach is an experienced competitive athlete and coach of submission grappling, graduated as a Master in Sports Sciences at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, with a special focus on sports psychology. 

He is actively competing on the elite level across Europe and at the same time works as a leading instructor for the submission grappling in Fightclub Brno. Putting together his focus on grappling, sports psychology and movement development he works on an interesting perspective for enhancing competitive performance in a very complex and educative way.


  • NAGA Italy – Champion (elite, -80kg)
  • ADCC British Open – Champion (elite, -77kg)
  • European Champion, WoW Organization (elite, -77kg)
  • 3x Champion of Czech Republic (elite, -77kg)
  • 2x Winner of Czech Open (elite, -77kg)
  • Champion of Poland (elite, -77kg)
  • Champion of Hungary (elite, -77kg)

Total of 280 fights in submission grappling (239-38-3), representing the Czech Republic abroad with medals from elite divisions of tournaments in Poland, Germany, England, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia…

Competing on a big stage of gala nights with records of 7-1-3

Martin Bosy

Martin Bosy is a researcher and athlete, coming out of strong biological sciences academic education and athletic background of professional baseball, where he was developing his skills for over a decade. In 2016, Martin has obtained his MSc. in Animal Physiology and Ethology from Comenius University, under schooling department of Institute of Molecular Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine, where he conducted his experimental research on the effects of testosterone and estradiol on brain behavior functions in aging, which resulted in two co-authored scientific publications. After his graduation, he shifted his focus from the experimental research on the academic ground to bring in biological perspective on the way we approach physical practice/training – implementing the knowledge of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, physiology, and biomechanics.

Over the course of recent years, Martin was teaching and assisting in the workshops around Europe, North America, and Australia, leading private online education program and provided performance consulting for athletes, performers, sports organizations and teams. Currently, through multiple projects, Martin’s aim is to help people to understand their unique composition through physical practice and to provide them with tools and materials to create a sustainable support process that will help them develop in all areas where they want to excel.