Every discipline with fixed rules creates deficiencies, including martial arts. The role of the grappling development project is to rethink the way grapplers train and to propose training concepts they can bring into the practice to:

  • maximize the quality time on the mats
  • achieve long-term sustainability of their fighting career
  • get the edge over the competition


I’m in martial arts for more than 30 years: Brazilian jiu-jitsu (black belt under Draculino), Kung-fu (black belt), judo. For the last 5 years, I’ve become more interested in the movement practice, conditioning and strength training. It was about trying and finding the best thing for me as a martial artist, and especially as a jiujiteiro. Finally, I have found it. It is behind all that movement stuff. It is meta. It will help your grappling game without a doubt. How? You will know WHAT you are doing and HOW it works. Go for it!

Robin Javorek

Head Coach at GB Draculino czech, BJJ black belt

I have met with Grappling Development as with an approach to training for the first time at Honza’s & Martin’s workshop in Brno, 2018. Since I am a movement enthusiast, I was attracted by the ideas behind the project and went out to try it. To my surprise, I fell for it so much, that I have begun to apply this kind of practice right after the workshop on myself first, and later on my fighters as well. The progress is really visible, not only from the physical perspective but also from the mental one, as it is really engaging.

Robert Delic

MMA & BJJ Athlete, HEAD COACH AT free fight club detva

I have been active as a coach for more than 8 years and practicing martial arts for more than a decade. Upon my first contact with Martin’s and Jan’s Grappling Development program, I was certain, that nothing I have seen so far could have a more significant influence on how I think about movement and physical performance. This program is an absolute necessity if you want to keep on grappling in the next 10, 20 or even 50 years and stay free of chronic injuries. The concept lets you in on a number of principles, games, and exercises, that will make your training more efficient, fun and at the same time help you to improve on many levels. That being said, everything they teach is very closely connected to grappling and BJJ, so you don’t need to worry about adding an extra training time besides being on the mats (even though you will want to!). 

Martin Stehlik

Co-founder of Choketopus, BJJ purple belt